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Needs Assessment

In developing a plan for your health system, our clinical and technical team works with your clinical and technical leadership to understand your health system’s communication challenges and goals.

Solutions Blueprint

Once we understand your communication challenges and goals, our subject matter experts present you possible solutions to the workflow and technical challenges in your organization. The result of our needs assessment discovery and solutions blueprint is a fully defined project plan and statement of work.


Our project management team and subject matter experts lead the way in executing the implementation of the platform across your system. We guide our partners with detailed project plans and best practices from years of experience implementing large systems. We work together to break down any communication workflow barriers or technological challenges.

Customer Care & Customer Success 

Our work is never done and it’s is an ongoing relationship and service that we provide. Each partner organization is assigned a customer success manager that maintains close contact with the organization and consistently collaborates to ensure that new information, new features and best practices reach our partners in a timely fashion. They also ensure that the organization is having an excellent user experience.  

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