Secure Communication

HIPAA-compliant text messaging.

Reach the right person with the right information at the right time. Messaging on the Doc Halo mobile app is just like texting on your iPhone or Android device, but it’s secure and HIPAA compliant. Secure text messaging streamlines communication between your physicians and staff, uniting care teams for better quality in-network care.

Real-Time Communication

Reach physicians immediately with a discreet text message. No more leaving messages and waiting for call-backs.

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Patient Halo

Reduce readmissions and improve patient satisfaction with tools designed for patient navigation.

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Secure texting is the heart of the Doc Halo clinical communication platform. Using Doc Halo messaging is just as easy as regular texting, but it’s secure and it’s designed just for healthcare. Unlike regular texting, messages are organized into threads that ensure patient safety. Plus, an escalating system of alerts prevents critical messages from being overlooked, and a tracking system confirms for the sender that the message has been received.

In this exciting climate of digital innovation, we believe secure communication technology is making what could arguably be considered the most profound impact on the healthcare system. Why? Because secure messaging technology is addressing the most fundamental need within the healthcare system: effective communication.


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