Handoff like a pro.

The innovative Halo Handoff system allows physicians to easily create and exchange relevant patient information in a secure and easy manner. This is part of the Doc Halo app and can be accessed on your personal Doc Halo web page using any computer or tablet. Halo Handoff is ideal for residency programs, hospitalists and practicing physicians who need to check out to colleagues.

The key components of Halo Handoff are:

  • Relevant and updated patient information that is readily available to the covering physicians.
  • A secure and user-friendly system that allows easy exchange of patient information amongst different doctors involved in a patient's care. The system is physician-oriented and allows handoffs to be done anywhere and anytime.

Other features of Halo Handoff include:

  • Secure and HIPAA-compliant.
  • App and web-based so the information is at your fingertips. Access the information anywhere, anytime and print if needed.
  • Easy format to create the patient list with handoff information: on the app or web.
  • Easily handoff or share your patient information with your colleagues.
  • Works in all hospitals and is EMR independent.
  • Allows faculty supervision and monitoring.
  • Meets ACGME requirements.