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When care teams need to go beyond Messaging to Voice communication


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For Smart or Legacy Devices

The interoperability of people and technology

Many times, the care team needs to go beyond Messaging to Voice communication.  Halo Spectrum can use your cellular data or the latest in voice technologies and provide the ability to make VoiP calls or convert text to voice from within the app to anyone in the healthcare organization, whether via smartphones or legacy devices, ensuring no care information is missed.

Halo Spectrum Voice provides secure phone communication

Use Case: Critical Lab Result

A blood test is ordered for a patient with diabetes, and the lab result comes back critical with glucose levels of 500.  Because the lab is critical and stat, the report is automatically sent to the doctor via Messaging. 

The doctor uses her Voice capabilities to contact the critical care nurse to provide a verbal order for 20 units of insulin for the patient.  The doctor asks to be notified after 30 minutes if the patient’s glucose levels do not return to normal.  Since the patient’s glucose levels returned to normal, no follow up call is needed, and all calls and messages are logged.  Voice has saved time and allowed caregivers to provide fast care to the patient.

Halo Spectrum Voice module saves time

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