Halo Spectrum Teams

The revolutionary clinical team coordination product for the entire system.

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Halo Spectrum Teams is a system-wide schedule management tool for the enterprise that coordinates with current scheduling platforms.  Interact with physicians on-call, charge nurses, code teams and Patient Care Teams in real time - no more waiting for call-backs.  Care team members are easy to find and can be messaged individually or as a group.


The Game-Changer

Why you can't have a clinical communication platform without schedule management

Centralize all the schedules in a health system onto one universally accessible platform. You have the option to create the schedule using our online tool or import schedules using any legacy tool.

Halo Spectrum Teams and Scheduling

Rapid Response

Reach the right providers when time is critical

Valuable time is lost every day as providers consult out-of-date paper call schedules and search for the correct on-call physicians. At best, the system is inefficient and at worst, it’s bad patient care. Using Halo Spectrum Teams lets you find the on-call care teams in every hospital service line—and tap a name to send a message immediately.

Halo Spectrum Teams Reaches On-Call Care Teams Immediately

Use Case: Contact On-Call Teams in Real Time

A cardiologist is asked to clear a patient for an orthopedic procedure, and after assessing the patient is able to notify the orthopedic surgeon on call that the patient is cleared.  This is done without knowing who was on call because Teams integrates the system’s scheduling system and will automatically send messages to the any on-call physician, nurse or clinician. 

When the orthopedic surgery is complete, the orthopedist sends the patient to the ICU for monitoring and is able to inform that care team by typing “ICU Charge Nurse” and messaging that the patient is en-route.  Again, the doctor does not need to know who the ICU Charge Nurse is, just that the message is going to the person currently on call.

Halo Spectrum Teams finds on-call care team in real time

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