Halo Spectrum Messaging

Secure, unified communication starts with HIPAA-compliant messaging, the foundation of Halo Spectrum. 


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Real-Time Communication

The interoperability of people and technology

Halo Spectrum Messaging unites health systems onto one real-time, trackable and secure communication system. Connect the hospital and ambulatory environments for better transitions of care.

Halo Spectrum Secure Texting Improves Patient Care

Device Agnostic Platform

Clinical messages are never missed

Advanced alert features allow you to access Halo Spectrum messages on multiple devices. Reach a physician, a care team or an entire organization from a smartphone, desktop computer or even legacy devices. Message status indicators confirm when messages are "Sent," "Delivered" and "Read."


Physician Alignment

Keep referrals in network for continuity of care

We customize the Halo Spectrum app with your organization's directory, schedules and branding, so physicians have an easy way to find in-network colleagues. Care coordination results in faster patient care, reduced readmissions rates, and improved patient and caregiver satisfaction.

Halo Spectrum Messaging Makes Physician Referrals Easy

Use Case: Reduce Door to Balloon Time

Imagine a 65-year old experiences chest pains and places a call to 911.  With Messaging, the EMS team can take a photo of the ECG it performs and the patient’s driver’s license, and attach to a message to the AMI Team (ED, cardiologist, cath lab nurse and ED charge nurse) with the message “Activate Cath Lab?”  Message is marked URGENT and has a corresponding ring tone so the AMI Team knows the message needs to be read immediately.  

The cardiologist, having seen the ECG, responds to the whole team with a “YES” message, resulting in cath lab activation.  When the cath lab is activated, the patient care team is logged into the EHR and when the patient arrives, is immediately transported to the cath lab for treatment. 

As the cath lab procedure nears completion, a message is sent to the nurse assigned to care for the patient in the coronary care unit and the entire messaging chain is saved to the EHR.

Messaging Reduces Patient Care Response Time

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