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Critical Alerts Only

Reduce Caregiver Fatigue

Nurses are overwhelmed by the number of alerts and alarms they receive each day for each patient and can tune them out.  Get only the most critical alerts delivered. 

Without an alert strategy to address this challenge, nurses suffer alert fatigue, often tune out the alerts, and this can lead to diminished patient care.  Halo Spectrum Alerts is designed to streamline alerts and determine which ones nurses should receive, and when and how to escalate to backup personnel.  

Alerts can be integrated with patient monitoring, nurse call, STAT and critical labs, and patient transitions.

Halo Spectrum Alerts Reduce Nurse Fatigue

Use Case: V-Tach Alarm

A patient is admitted to the telemetry unit after he passed out at home and during his stay, his heart rate spikes and triggers an urgent alarm.  With Halo Spectrum Alerts module integrated with the health system’s telemetry hardware, the primary nurse receives an alarm notification on her smartphone. 

However, the nurse is otherwise engaged in a critical situation and is not able to acknowledge the urgent alarm notification.  The Alert module has been set up to automatically escalate to another nurse, who is able to accept the alarm and attend to the patient.

Halo Spectrum Delivers Only Critical Alerts

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