Halo Pronto

The enterprise-wide medical scheduling software and messaging system

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The Game-Changer

Why you can't have a clinical communication platform without schedule management

Halo Pronto is not just a scheduler—it's a medical schedule management module. Centralize all the schedules in a health system onto one universally accessible platform. You have the option to create the schedule using our online tool or import schedules using any legacy tool.


Rapid Response

Reach the right providers when time is critical

Valuable time is lost every day as providers consult out-of-date paper call schedules and search for the correct on-call physicians. At best, the system is inefficient. At worst, it’s bad patient care. Tap the Pronto button to find the on-call physicians in every hospital service line—and tap a name to send a message immediately.


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Faster Care

Learn how Doc Halo reduces dangerous delay of care.

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Communicate directly with colleagues—no more phone tag.

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