Clinical System Integrations

Connecting actionable intelligence to the Doc Halo clinical communication platform

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Primary Integrations

The clinical communication platform connects to your hospital systems

  • Provisioning and Authentication—Doc Halo integrates with Active Directory/LDAP and SAML.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)—Doc Halo seamlessly integrates with all of the major SSO software vendors.
  • Answering Service and Operator Console Integration—Secure messages can be sent to the Doc Halo app directly from call centers, paging services, etc. Doc Halo can integrate with the API using a variety of protocols including TAP, SMTP, SNPP, WCTP, etc.

Clinical Integrations

Connect to the critical reports needed for real-time care

  • EHR—Send messages, patient lists and transition of care notifications to the electronic health record.
  • Clinical Alarms—Connect to high-priority physiological alarms that need immediate response.
  • Labs and PACS—Receive only the labs and images that must be acted on in real time.
clinical integrations


Real-time communication vs. documentation

A clinical communication platform is not another overflowing email inbox. It’s for real-time messages that must be acted on immediately. Doc Halo prevents alarm fatigue by differentiating between clinical documentation and real-time communication by integrating only the critical labs and images, STAT results and essential physiological alarms that need an immediate response.


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