Care Coordination

Teamwork Modules for Patient Care

Medicine today is teamwork. Each patient is surrounded by a team of healthcare professionals—physicians, nurses, physical therapists, nurse navigators, and more—who work together to provide state-of-the-art care. The Doc Halo clinical communication platform connects those providers with a suite of tools that integrate on-call schedules, activate care teams, allow handoff to the next on-call physician, and even communicate securely with patients.

halo handoff

Sign out to the next attending physician with detailed and specific care notes about each patient.

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Halo Pronto

Activate critical teams from your smartphone. Integrated with a scheduler so you know who is on call.

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Patient Halo

Reduce readmissions and improve outcomes with our patient engagement tool.

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Coordinated care is no longer optional for healthcare systems. Studies have shown that poor care coordination increases the chance that a patient will suffer from a medication error or other healthcare mistake by 140 percent. Further, nearly 80 percent of serious medical errors involve miscommunication during patient transfers.

The Doc Halo clinical communication platform can change those statistics. Every member of a patient’s care team can communicate quickly, easily and securely—from the nurse to the attending physician, from the hospitalist to the primary care physician, and from the discharging physician to the ambulatory nurse navigator.

Beyond the communication basics, the Doc Halo platform provides an extensive suite of tools to create and share patient lists, sign out to a colleague, transmit extensive patient notes directly to the next on-call physician, activate code teams without the need for pages, and so much more.

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