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You Can't Coordinate Care Without Schedule Management

Anyone who has searched a hospital wing for a paper call schedule knows how much precious time is lost trying to locate an on-call physician.

What is the Only Thing Worse than Revealing PHI?

The only thing more dangerous than revealing protected health information is mixing it up.

5 Ways a Clinical Communication Platform Improves HCAHPS Scores

Much has been discussed about how real-time clinical communication can improve patient outcomes, reduce medical errors and streamline clinician workflow. You may not realize, however, that better clinical communication also leads directly to higher patient satisfaction scores.

It's Not Okay to Interrupt Nurses

Considerable attention has been focused on limiting interruptions to physicians during patient encounters. No one seems concerned, however, about interrupting inpatient nurses.

3 Ways Poor Communication Leads to Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

A recent report from CRICO Strategies, evaluated 23,658 malpractice cases filed between 2009 to 2013. The report’s landmark finding: Communication was a factor in fully 30 percent of those cases, resulting in $1.7 billion in total incurred losses.

Simple Communication Gaps that are costing Your Health System Millions

While hospitals target reimbursements and radical innovations to generate revenue, a less conspicuous threat is quietly siphoning millions from the bottom line. It may not sound like a killer, but poor communication is responsible for some of the most egregious errors—and some of the most dangerous inefficiencies—in any health system.

Who's On Call? It's Anybody's Guess

Anyone who works in healthcare is acutely aware of this alarming fact: Sometimes you can’t find an on-call physician, literally, to save your life. Who’s covering the ICU? Who’s on call for cardiology, nephrology or oncology? It’s anybody’s guess.

Will Telemedicine Revolutionize Healthcare?

Nearly every major hospital system is exploring telemedicine options, which have tremendous potential to reach thousands of underserved patients. E-consults and virtual visits are allowing patients the benefit of medical care without having to travel to an office.

What Do Wearables Mean for Physicians?

With reports that Apple has sold as many as 4.5 million Apple Watches so far, there’s no question that the consumer market is enthralled with wearables. And, with its potential to do everything from tracking vitals to offering remote patient monitoring, the Apple Watch is poised to make an impact on consumer healthcare.

The Secure Messaging Arc of Adoption

The results of Doc Halo’s first-of-its-kind secure messaging Adoption Study revealed a surprisingly simple insight: A secure messaging platform doesn’t work unless everybody is on it.

CIOs and hospital administrators are typically focused on HIPAA compliance when selecting and implementing secure messaging platforms and, as such, they may try to cut costs by rolling it out to doctors alone. However, as our Adoption Study demonstrates, full HIPAA compliance doesn’t happen unless doctors are using the platform—and that doesn’t happen unless they can reach everyone involved in a patient’s care.