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5 Principles Health Systems Follow When Buying Healthcare Technology

It is an interesting and explosive time in healthcare. The EMR foundation of data collection and revenue cycle management has mostly been accomplished, and over the past two years priorities have shifted to technology around real-time communication and care coordination for improved outcomes. The early adopters of this healthcare technology are pioneers, and the days where individual health system departments and hospitals make technology decisions in a silo are over.  

You Can't Coordinate Care Without Schedule Management

Anyone who has searched a hospital wing for a paper call schedule knows how much precious time is lost trying to locate an on-call physician.

The Secure Messaging Integration Road Map

HIMSS-booth-300.jpgSingle-department and stand-alone solutions are becoming relics of the past. Today’s communication technology must integrate effectively with critical hospital systems and established workflow protocols.

What is the Only Thing Worse than Revealing PHI?

The only thing more dangerous than revealing protected health information is mixing it up.

Successful Implementations Focus on the Impact, Not the Technology

All enterprise communication technology implementations are influenced by this fundamental truth: Even the most innovative software is only effective if everybody is using it.

5 Ways a Clinical Communication Platform Improves HCAHPS Scores

Much has been discussed about how real-time clinical communication can improve patient outcomes, reduce medical errors and streamline clinician workflow. You may not realize, however, that better clinical communication also leads directly to higher patient satisfaction scores.

It's Not Okay to Interrupt Nurses

Considerable attention has been focused on limiting interruptions to physicians during patient encounters. No one seems concerned, however, about interrupting inpatient nurses.

Clarifying The Joint Commission’s Secure Texting Endorsement

UPDATE: 12/22/2016—After further review, The Joint Commission has reinstated its ban on the texting of physician orders.

As the leader in healthcare secure texting, Doc Halo collaborated with The Joint Commission on the research that led to the May 2016 reversal of a previous ban on the texting of orders and continues to work with the organization to arrive at best practices.

Connecting Healthcare's Triple Team: Primary Care Physician, Hospitalist, Specialist

Many primary care physicians no longer go to the hospital.

3 Ways Poor Communication Leads to Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

A recent report from CRICO Strategies, evaluated 23,658 malpractice cases filed between 2009 to 2013. The report’s landmark finding: Communication was a factor in fully 30 percent of those cases, resulting in $1.7 billion in total incurred losses.