Unifying Health Systems Under One Halo of Communication

Clinical communication and collaboration is the key to better patient care and outcomes. One of the biggest challenges health systems continue to face is poor and outdated communication technology – where analytics, security, reliability, speed and accuracy is lacking.  

Halo Spectrum changes all of that.  Providing fast delivery of actionable information across the acute and ambulatory environments, patients receive care faster which leads to reduced length of stays and readmission rates.  Unified clinical communication and collaboration in a health system leads to fewer errors, providing high patient and care team satisfaction.

Halo Spectrum Platform

Halo Spectrum is a unified communication platform featuring Messaging, Teams, Voice and Alert integrations.  Developed by clinicians, its sophisticated technology keeps the clinical experience top of mind.  Halo Spectrum can be easily deployed in phases over time, and the cloud-based platform is scalable, interoperable and configurable without the pitfalls of customization. 


HIPAA-compliant text messaging for physicians, nurses and staff

Secure, unified communication starts with HIPAA-compliant Messaging, the foundation of Halo Spectrum, which provides the most feature-rich platform available for healthcare. Safe text, type ahead search connected to the health system’s directory, and the ability to update status to auto-forwarding or off duty so a message does not get missed is the first step in unified communication.  

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HIPAA-compliant text messaging for physicians, nurses and staff


One Place for All Schedules in Real Time

The revolutionary clinical team coordination product for the entire system. A system wide schedule management tool for the enterprise that coordinates with current scheduling platforms.  Interact with physicians on-call, charge nurses, code teams and Patient Care Teams in real time.

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Halo Spectrum provides one place for all schedules in real time


Smart phones or legacy devices

Halo Spectrum can use your cellular data or the latest in voice technologies and provide the ability to make VoIP calls or convert text to voice from within the app to anyone in the healthcare organization, whether via smartphones or legacy devices, ensuring no care information is missed.

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Halo Spectrum secure calls for healthcare


Determine Critical Alerts & Reduce Fatigue

Overwhelmed by the number of unnecessary alerts they receive each day for each patient, nurses can suffer from alert fatigue and can tune them out. Halo Spectrum Alerts streamlines the system-wide alert process, ensuring nurses only receive essential mobilized alerts and allows them a wide range of acknowledgment options when they do receive them.

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Halo Spectrum Alerts can reduce nurse fatigue



Consult with your colleagues directly. No phone tag, no delay.

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Reliably reach everyone on the care team via web or mobile.

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Integrate real-time communication with all your hospital systems.

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